Grant making policy

Whilst our trust deed enables us to make grants to a very wide range of charitable activities, the trustees’ current policy is to support a number of Core charities. This absorbs the greater part of our annual funding budget but a small surplus is available for which charities may apply.

What we support:

  • Only applications from UK registered charities can be made.
  • Priority is usually given to charities in the West Midlands region.

Currently our funds are spread across the arts, heritage, welfare and education sectors. Past grant-giving does not indicate what we will fund in future.

We give around £50,000 a year to about 50 organisations. So £1,000 is the average grant size. Rarely do we give grants of £2,000 to £3,000 or more.

We do not normally fund:

  • individuals
  • overseas charities
  • non-registered charities.

Our standard terms and conditions:

  • Grants from the Trust are restricted funds. They may only be used towards the project and costs outlined in the application submitted to the Trust, or as subsequently agreed in writing.
  • A charity will acknowledge in writing using its headed paper receipt of the grant and confirm that the grant will only be spent for the approved purpose.
  • Any surplus funds not required for the approved purpose are to be refunded to the Trust unless otherwise agreed with our Trustees.
  • In accepting a grant from the Trust, a charity agrees to the Trust using the name of the charity and the project on this website and other materials setting out the activities of the Trust.

If you are eligible, find out how to apply

Other funding bodies

If you are not eligible you could try these other directories and funding bodies:

Association of Charitable Foundations
Directory of Social Change
Government Funding
National Lottery Funding